Tin Bird, bottlecaps and encaustic wax on plywood, 48" x 48", 2011

Sons of the Desert, 15" x 20", album cover mosaic, 2013

Braided Singers, 15" x 20", album cover mosaic, 2013

Allman Cream, 15" x 20", album cover mosaic, 2013

Disc Placement Series 2. 12"x12", mixed leaf on vinyl LP, 2010

Quartet, 18"x36", painted vinyl records, 2010

Trio, 18"x20", painted vinyl records, 2010

This is a Guitar, 24"x18", guitar, 2007

Air Playing, 8"x20"x6", model air plane, flute, wood & motor, 2007

Switch Hitter, 16"x16", baseball bat, felt & wood, 2007

Exhausted, 30"x10"x6", plastic oil container & cotton, 2007

Two Faced, 12"x20"x12", ceramic vase, bottle caps, tin cans, glass tiles, 2007

End of the Cold War, 12"x4"x6", model tank, resin & wood, 2007

Drum Solo, 12"x18"x12", model drum kit, vinyl LP, glass jar, 2007

Car-Chestra, 24"x6"x6", truck horn, model cars, microphone head, acrylic & wood, 2007

Hot Rod, 12"x6"x12", model car, bunsen burner, wood, 2007

Hardship, 20"x14"x6", model ship, glass case, dirt, LED lights, 2007

Tired, 16"x14"x6", car tire & acrylic paint, 2007

Travel Logs, 14"x24" 14", logs and maps, 2007

Winter in a Box 3, jigsaw puzzle, acrylic paint, felt, 13" x 18", 2014